Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Hi, Kate!
Just checking the comments and found this one from 'Kate'.
Kate F. said...
Just found your blog! I laughed so hard my kids thought I was crying! Those were some funny sites...I especially liked the ebay add --- someone needs to hire that guy! Any chance you'd explain how you did the rolled cuff on your socks? They are beautiful! I want some too! Kate/Massachusetts

Thanks for the kind words, Kate. I'm glad you stopped by. A rolled cuff is easy: you just knit every stitch for as many rounds as you like. The top will automatically roll. Check out the link in the December 1 post to the Sockie and Bob pattern I used as the inspiration for my socks. There are lots of nice patterns there, and Sockie and Bob is very well written, with several variations to choose from.

There has been knitting, but not a lot. I just have a few more rows to finish thesock-of-the-month pattern I've been working on, and it's turning out very well! I need to knit several fish for a baby blanket this week, and want to knit some tiny red sweaters for the art installation (click on the 'red sweaters' button at right to learn more). Then I think I'll knit for me me ME!

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