Monday, December 19, 2005

Brainteasers Galore
How much trivia is stored in your brain? Go here: MSN Encarta quiz page to find out. There are quizes for everyone. So far I've done the Famous First Lines, How Bookish Are You? and Harry Potter quizzes. Cheap fun for a cold, cold night.
I cast on a new pair of socks yesterday. The yarn is Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock in Socknitter's Fall Sunset on two size 0 circs. You can see the yarn here. It's the two balls in the lower right corner of the picture. I'm using the Jaywalker pattern. I've finished the top ribbing and the first row of the pattern.
Did I mention it's COLD here?
And now some comment feedback.
Laura asked: do you own that snow blower thingie??
Why yes, yes we do. Rich bought the tractor and mower deck cheap, cheap, cheap last summer as a fixer-upper, then just got the snow thrower last week. The thrower cost more than the tractor! It's the first time we've ever had anything like that, and it sure is nice. It doesn't look like we have much snow in the pictures, but you can't see the knee-deep drifts that covered our driveway. It's so flat and open around us that the snow just blows on through everywhere except where we have to drive and walk. By the way, a PT Cruiser is crap in the snow. Just sayin'.
Marguerite said: Spring is just around the corner??? Tell me more. I'd love to believe that instead of thinking there are about three more months of this stuff to endure.
Well, yes, it is just around the's only that the corner is a long, long way off...but just think: we're closer to this spring than we are to last spring! OK, we do what we must here in Michigan to make it through the winter, even if it means complete and utter self-deception.
I did mention that it's cold outside?


Anonymous said...

The tree is beautiful, makes me think of grandma being that she loved this time of year. I miss her so deeply. Love you, and spring WILL be here before we know it. Love, Sarah

Marguerite said...

I've noticed that it's cold outside. LOL

Tomorrow (Dec 21) is the shortest day of the year, and then we're on our way to longer days, shorter nights, and spring!

Just a few more snowstorms to get through.

:L, Laura said...

i'm glad i'm not a bird. keeping the feeders full and the water fresh, but they can't come inside! even the cats are snuggled up.

:L, Laura said...

i must be very behind on blogs and news. i mean you just started the shop job about 2-3 months ago and loved it. and i know they are having a huge success with you there.... so you're moving b/c you want a bigger store and more work? are you good at not spending your salary at the shop?

Becky said...

Wait...I'm moving??? Where did I say that?
The job is ok, but probably not what I want to do forever (hope my boss doesn't red my blog!). It's not much of a mental challenge. No prospect of moving just yet though! LOL!

:L, Laura said...

happy xmas eve and wonderful holiday full of blessings for you and yours!