Sunday, December 25, 2005

Merry Christmas!
Here's a little poem I wrote many years ago. Hope you enjoy it!

In the stillness after Christmas, in the silence of the snow,
with the singing of the carols and the candles all aglow—
when the gifts have all been opened and the ribbons stored away,
you can feel the joyous tidings of a baby born one day.
In the crush of Christmas shopping, in the dash from store to store,
it becomes so very easy to forget what it’s all for!
But in the stillness after Christmas, when the rushing is all done,
you can take the time to ponder on a special tiny son.
And the miracle of Christmas is remembering that he lay
in an ordinary manger in a stable, far away.
In the stillness after Christmas, you can take the time to know
of the shepherds in a meadow who first saw a new star grow.
And our hearts will still remind us of that baby’s holy glow
in the stillness after Christmas, in the silence of the snow.

Becky Yoder 11-18-1977

In the light of the day of the celebration of the greatest gift ever given, we wish you a blessed Christmas and a peaceful New Year


Anonymous said...

That is a great poem. I found pictures from Christmas over the late 70's and early 80's over the weekend. It was great looking back and seeing all the faces. I even found a graduation picture of you! Hope that Christmas was great. Love ya, Sarah

phoenix_anew said...

Very beautiful, Becky ... A wonderful reminder of the real Reason for our celebration ...

Sarah said...

Becky, can you tell me how to get the south park picture on to my blog?

Becky said...

Go to the site and create your image. Save it to your desktop and edit it for size. You can download a free photo editor at Google for it if the url doesn't work. Blogspot limits the size of your image, but I can't remember what size will be allowed.
Upload your image to an online photo album. You can set up a free account at When you upload your image, you'll be given a url for the image. Post that url in your profile, and you're all set.
Clear as mud? email me and I'll see if I can help.

:L, Laura said...

happy holidays!
love the poem, you write so well!