Thursday, December 01, 2005

Liz and Frankie, finished at last!
I finished these Sunday. They're my adaptation of "Liz and Frankie" in the Sockie and Bob and a Few of Their Friends pattern. It's available from Sunshine Knit Designs and I'd been coveting it, but I got my copy as a gift in my last Bottle Swap -- Thanks again, Tina!. There are several designs in the pattern. This one has a pretty, simple three-stitch twist down the leg.
I made a few changes: 2x2 rib after rolled edge, lengthened leg, skipped some color changes, and Eye of Partridge stitch for the heel flap.
I used Opal Uni-Solid for the cuff and toe, and Cervinia Calzetteria for the leg. The blue is slightly heavier than the Opal and not quite as soft, but very pretty, heathery yarn, and it worked nicely with Opal.
Both socks were knit at one time on 2 size 0 circs, using both ends of the balls of yarn, and I had just a few inches of the blue left over when the socks were finished.

I bought several of these little bags in various fabrics at the shop next to mine this week. They're the perfect sock-knitting project size, have two main compartments big enough for yarn and work-in-progress, plus a place to hold a water bottle, a little pocket on the front for scissors, stitch markers, tape measure, etc., and a small zippered pocket on the back, too. They have a carrying handle on the top and a detachable shoulder strap -- I've detached mine, and now I can't find it, LOL! Very cute bags, and they'll make great gifties. There will be one in my December Bottle Swap package. Would you like one? Leave a comment on my blog between now and, oh, let's say Sunday, December 6th. I'll hold a drawing and someone will get a nifty little bag, my choice of fabric!
Yes, those are Kermit the Frog's toes just visible at the top of the pictures. He lives on my DVD/VHS shelf during the year, but has a place of honor on every Christmas tree. I was a huge fan of the amazingly talented and imaginative Jim Henson. You know, everyone has their impossible fantasy jobs that they know they'll never get, but dream about anyhow? Well, my three fantasy jobs were these: singing backup for James Taylor, going up in the Space Shuttle, and working for Jim Henson. Henson died far too young and I think maybe I'm too old and fat now for NASA, and so I guess that just leaves the singing gig...James? are you out there? I'm willing to travel...
Time to go back to bed and get a few more hours of sleep before I have to get up and go to work. I'm hopeful that I won't have to unload and unbox another truckfull of furniture today...yesterday was enough for this old, fat lady!


Anonymous said...

I love the new socks...I have been busy, too, will have new socks to show you on Sunday.

Becky said...

pssst! 'anonymous', you are truly anonymous! Who are you and how can I send you a bag if I don't know who you are? LOL ! Email me at bookish98(at) So far you're the winner, as you're the only comment I've gotten ... Cherryl, is that you?

Kathy said...


I really like the bag. I would, also, like to know what fabric store you got them from. I may have to think about these for an upcoming knitter's retreat that we are having in February. Could you e-mail the particulars about the bag?


Kathy (Cleveland)

:L, Laura said...

i love kermit too! :L