Monday, December 05, 2005

...and we have a winner!
I had four people comment on the blog; two at the site, and two via email. Since I didn't specify that the comments had to be left in the comments spot, and this is an autocracy and not a democracy, I'm not disqualifying any of you. You all have a really, really good chance to win, though!
Soooo, Cherryl, and Fran, and Kathy , and Pat (the librarian in me made me line you up in alphabetical order by first name. sigh), I'm putting names on little slips of paper, folding them neatly...and tossing them into the air.

The one that landed on my lap was Pat Collins from just outside Toledo, Ohio.
Congrats, Pat! As for the rest of you, I'm sorry I couldn't afford to send you all one. Keep checking back. I'll have another drawing one day, and the next time it just might be you!
Pat, email me with your address and I'll mail out your bag tomorrow on my day off work.


:L, Laura said...

hi there! hey you said comment by sunday dec 6 to enter contest! that's today-except for the sunday part- so didn't you draw before the deadline? now i have to find a calendar to see what year you are in... sounds like my life!
sock is just lovely!

tracie said...

I love that the photos that you posted. The stocking is super sweet.

yay to the person that one.