Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Yeah, yeah, yeah...
Anyone who knows me well knows that I cannot be trusted with a calendar (or with any sort of hand tool, if you plan on ever finding it again). Yes, Sunday fell on December 4th, not the 6th. I will defend my decision to go ahead with the drawing Monday morning by saying Sunday is Sunday, and since the word 'Sunday' in this case preceeded the phrase 'December 6th,' I stuck with Sunday. I apologize for any confusion or disappointment I caused. :D

That said, Pat's bag is in the mail and on its way to her. Hope you like it, Pat, and thanks again for visiting Sunnybook's Yarns!

This is my day off. I had big plans for it. sigh.

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:L, Laura said...

giggle, i knew, but had to tease none-the-less, and hey "who knew" ? maybe you'd take pity and enter me into the NEXT drawing twice. [speaking of which, there is now a contest on my own blog... great minds sometimes copy others, and kerry did it too!]
the leather pants ad is almost bad enough to make me spew on my keyboard!