Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Opal Lovers, Unite!
I have, for some time, belonged to an online group of folks who love to knit with Opal yarns. The forum has recently changed to a read-only newsletter, with contests, yarn swaps, and other fun stuff. The group is called "Opal Chatters" and you can join by going here: Opal Chatters or by clicking the button that will soon be in the sidebar. Come on in!
Not much in other news here. Some knitting, some housework, some gainful employment. The Christmas tree is still up, and likely to be up until this weekend. We haven't seen the sun here in days, and it's cold, wet and dreary, but we are warm and dry and well-fed, and spring will be here in (almost) no time. If I say it often enough, it WILL come true.
The new KnitPicks catalog came today, and I am successfully resisting new stash acquisition. Going to go knit now.


:L, Laura said...

becky, i'm confused?
why is "opal chatters" called 'read only' when i can write and chat?

Becky said...

It used to be write and chat, but has been changed. Here's the new blurb:
"We've just gone to a Newsletter only format. You will not be able to post any messages [except
Topic Tuesday Twister day] as the list is now used just for sending newsletters to our members. "
"Our Opal Chatters newsletter will be published on the 1st day of each month. "
"If you love knitting with Opal yarn, are addicted to sock knitting, and enjoy winning prizes, then this newsletter is for you!! We offer Drawings, Prizes, Opal yarn updates, FREE Patterns, and...well,
the features go on and on. We just released our first issue. Check it out and see for yourself. We
think you'll enjoy it. "