Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Comments, I get comments...
Laura said: riding bikes in that weather? aack! nice to learn you guys haven't had too much "frontal lobe shrinkage" !![my dh found a clipping, he has in his wallet that says men over 40 suffer from loss of sense of humor due to frontal lobe shrinkage! for real!]

Well, the ones who rode didn't have all that far to come, and they were pretty well bundled up. Some riders have electrically-heated clothing -- pants, jacket liners, socks, gloves -- that plug right into the bike. Rich says the fairing and the mirror wings (little pieces of plastic that bolt onto the mirrors) on the Goldwing do a good job of protecting him, and only his fingers and toes get really cold. It was a relatively warm day, for January in Michigan, almost 50 degrees.

Laura also said...
ps- tell me if the stashalong permits swaps!!

The Stashalong rules say this: (2) You have 3 months and during that time you cannot add to your stash in any way(things ordered before January 1 but not yet delivered do not count--hence the early warning--get it out of your systems, ladies). Of course realistically there is no way to police this, so the honor system is in place.
Technically, a swap would not "add" to your stash, I guess!

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