Tuesday, January 03, 2006

I have decided to try very hard not to buy any more yarn in the next three months. The store where I work is going to winter hours for January-March, which means I will lose 25% of my pay for that period. Yikes. So I will be watching this Stashalong and, I hope, participating. I certainly have enough yarn to do it!

Sunday Rich and I met some of our riding friends in Coldwater, Michigan, for breakfast, then drove together up to Whitmore Lake to meet a bunch of the folks we visit with on the GL1800 Riders' Forum.
Yep, some of them rode their bikes in, but we went in the car. Good company, tasty food, nice day!

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:L, Laura said...

riding bikes in that weather? aack! nice to learn you guys haven't had too much "frontal lobe shrinkage" !!
[my dh found a clipping, he has in his wallet that says men over 40 suffer from loss of sense of humor due to frontal lobe shrinkage! for real!]
i find that stashalong idea tempting, well, ... except....