Monday, February 20, 2006

I have news!

I have a new job! I love my job in the store, but have no benefits: no health insurance, no paid holidays, no paid vacation, no lunch breaks (yes, I said no lunch breaks -- weird, huh!). The store is beautiful, the owner is very nice, but I need to have insurance, at the very least. Rich currently carries me on his job's insurance, but what if something happened to him?

So I applied for a job with Artisan Interiors in Middlebury, Indiana, and I got it! The pay is better, and I have all the aforementioned benefits. I'll be starting March 6th. I'll be doing order entry and customer service. I'm very excited, and more than a little nervous.

We had visitors... friends from the GL1800 Riders' Forum came up on Saturday and we did tourist stuff. They brought their son and daughter-in-law along, and our kids joined us, too. We did some shopping in Middlebury -- two words: Knudsen's Caramels! -- had lunch at Das Dutchman Essenhaus, then went to Shipshewana to see some of the shops there.

We stopped in at the shop in the Davis Mercantile where I work and the 'kids' tried out our life-size resin pig statues:

Nick & Nici and Jeff & Tammy with pigs...cute!

We had a great time, made some plans for camping and riding together, and shared a lot of laughs. You really do "meet the nicest people on a Honda!"

There is knitting: I have a couple pair of socks on the needles, and am re-knitting another for a pattern picture. I've started a baby blanket for little Thor(ina) and bought yarn for a little snowsuit-like-thingie, too. Yes, I fell off the no-stash wagon, but it was on sale!


Nancy J said...

Hi! Found your blog from Townsend group! We love stopping in Shipshewana on our way to and fro Wisconsin (DH family, etc)! Congrats on your new job!

Jayne said...

Hi Becky
Saw your post on the Townsend group and came to visit your blog. I'm doing this while updating mine, so you can pop over just now and have a look at my STUFF. While I love your cat (a siamese was my first ever cat and I am so tempted to get another one - I would if my two didn't hate each other so much) and your socks I'm not sending you half of my STUFF. However, if you see something you cannot live without I am open to trades. BTW - buying for trades doesn't count as stash buying so you can do that and stay on the waggon.

ChelleC said...

Hi Becky, congratulations on the new job! That is wonderful. I totally understand the need for making sure you both have health insurance. Chelle