Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Benefits of sleeplessness... I'm performing my normal stupidhumantrick of waking up every two hours during the night and I decide (sigh) I might as well get up and do a little 'net surfing until I'm sleepy enough to go back to Zzzzz-land.

I was running through my list of Yahoo! groups to see if there were any new posts and found that the March issue of the Opal Chatters' Newsletter is up (see sidebar for a button linked to info on joining). I've been Blogspotted! Every month three bloggers from the group are chosen to be spotlighted (spotlit??) in the newsletter and each receives an Opal yarn prize from Soxie. I can hardly wait to see what she sends me. Thanks, Dearie!

I bet I'll have some visits from fellow Opal addicts, so will post THIS link to my archives. Scroll down to October 4th to see my very silly "Ode to Opal" and a picture illustrating my shameful addiction. Hello, OpalChatters!

So, why the odd sleep habits? Stress, I guess. In the past ten months, I have had four-count-'em-four different jobs, and will begin yet another new job this coming Monday. I have changed jobs more in that time than I had in the previous EIGHTEEN years, and this from a person who hates-despises-avoids changes at all cost doesn't really care for change much. At the same time there have been some family problems causing me great sadness and frustration, as well, I suppose, as the continuing goofiness of the "M" that happens to all women around my age. Ah, well, all will be better with time.

In the good-news file, Baby Thor(ina) is growing apace. DearDaughter-In-Law Nici has been experiencing the tiny flutters that signal the baby's movement and is feeling less tired these days. I did some Grandma-shopping this week, hitting the winter clearance sales in the KMart baby department. I loves me them little baby duds. Cute little shirts, sweet little pants, adorable little snowsuits!

Back to bed for a couple more hours.


Marguerite said...

Congratulations on having your blog in Opal Chatters. Whatever yarn you get, if it's Opal it will be wonderful. Can you tell I really love my Opal?

Hope you get the yarn next Monday to give you something to squeeze and relax with after your first day on the new job.

Denise said...

Good luck with your new job. I know how you feel. I am on my third or fourth career change and sixth job in nine years. We moved to Colorado nine years ago, and prior to that, I had the same job for nine years. I'm not much for this kind of change, either, but you just have to trust in yourself and know that you have friends who care. Best wishes! Denise