Tuesday, March 07, 2006

A Picture of Our Grandbaby!
Nici had her first ulstrasound today. Thor(ina) isn't big enough yet to see if (s)he's a boy or girl, but they saw ten fingers and ten toes (all in the appropriate places) and everything is right on track. The baby is very active and has a strong heartbeat. (S)he danced and waved at Mom and Dad.
This is so cool! I wish we'd had an ultrasound when I was pregnant for Nick, but in those days the technology was very new and they only did that if they suspected a problem.

Edited 3/29/06: Sonogram photo removed

I went to open knitting night at Ewe-Nique Knits in Goshen, Indiana, tonight. About a dozen women were there, at all levels of knitting skill. It was a lovely evening!

Their grand opening is later this week. Stop in and check them out if you're in the area. The store is owned by a very nice group of ladies who are trying hard to build it into a first-rate yarn shop. Be sure to check out the floor in the restroom!

We went to Ohio to visit our friend Peggy over the weekend. I finished a sock and got a lot done on another that I finished this evening. Peg and I learned silk ribbon embroidery while we were there. I have visions of beautiful baby things dancing in my head...little dresses with ribbon-embroidered embellishments, and tiny matching baby shoes...just what I need: another hobby!


Sarah said...

Just do the silk embroidery on knitted items. Then it only counts as one hobby? Right? That's how I justify it anyway.

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