Thursday, March 09, 2006

First Week at Work
No pictures today. My first week on the new job is almost over. It's been great, but tiring. Monday I learned a little bit about my actual job, but the last three days I've been working in the sewing room, packing orders. The idea is that it will make me more familiar with our products, but what I've really gained is a whole new respect for the people who produce them.

These folks are hard workers, and the work they turn out is amazing. They clock in at 6:00 am, and leave at 2:30 pm, some stay until 4:00 pm and work Saturdays to catch up. I can't imagine spending eight or nine hours a day sitting at a sewing machine or operating a cutter or staple gun, but they do it with relatively little bitching and moaning. I folded and packed hundreds, maybe even thousands, of bedspreads, curtains, and pillows since Tuesday morning, and very few needed any fixing. I lost a couple of pounds, and gained more than a few aches and pains. Whatever they're paying these folks, it's probably not enough! Next time you buy new curtains for your home, take a good look at the craftsmanship and spare a thought and a good wish for the people who made them for you.

Tomorrow: 'lambrequins'...I think they're the padded, fabric-covered thingies that go at the top of the windows. I'll let you know when I find out.


laura said...

happy friday. hope you can rest rest rest after the stressy week you've had.
do you know what "YOUR" job will be?
i found some delicious yarns for you, one an opal that's on the sedate side...

Becky said...

Not so stressfull, Laura, I'm enjoying it! My job will be order processing. I'll get the orders as they're faxed in, then enter them in the computers and print out the packing slips and cut tickets, then file them for completion. It should begin for real on Monday.