Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Bad Blogger Returns...
So, it's been a few months. Some things have happened...
  • My husband had a little unscheduled get-off (that means a BIG wreck) on the BigYellowBike. He is recovering from some injuries that put him in the hospital for six days, three of those in trauma care. The bike was totaled. Now the search begins for a new ride. Three words: WEAR A HELMET!
  • Our dear friend and drywall-mudder extraordinaire, Steve, a.k.a. PoleCat, wrecked his beautiful orange bike, too. Also recovering, and the proud owner of a brand-new Goldwing, red this time.
  • Injured husband and drywaller means that the house progress is stalled. Again.
  • Our friend Ross has had several health issues, worrying us greatly, but is doing ok at the moment.
  • I brined a turkey for Thanksgiving...yum!
  • I celebrated my fifty-third birthday.
  • 50 Socks for 50 States was published on CD and my copy came in the mail just before Christmas. My original patterns are Alabama, Indiana, Kansas, North Carolina, and Texas!
  • There was Christmas.
  • There is a new year.
  • We rode (in the car) up to Lansing on New Year's Day to meet with a few folks from our motorcycle forum. This was the fourth or fifth year for the Mid-Michigan Lunch Run, and the first time we have gone without Ross and Joyce.
  • There was snow.
  • My sister's tumor has begun growing again and she is back on chemo.
  • Because of this, my hair is growing very long (I am not cutting it until hers grows back).
  • I am learning the ways of Ravelry...sigh...another Internet addiction.
  • Our son got married.
  • This brought us a daughter, and three new grandkids, two girls and a boy!
  • After four years (mostly) at Back Home Again, I will be starting a brand new job on Monday, at Hobby Lobby at Concord Mall in Elkhart, Indiana. I'll be working in the fabric and needle-arts department. Come see me!
  • This is the funniest thing about this new job: the building that houses the HL store in Elkhart used to be a Montgomery Wards store. I worked there thirty years ago, in the paint, hardware, electrical, plumbing and heating departments, in THAT VERY BUILDING.
  • I just can't escape my past!
  • I stopped smoking last spring, and am doing very well with it!
  • Rich stopped while in the hospital after the bike wreck, and is also doing well.
I know there's more, but that will do for now!

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