Thursday, July 08, 2010

This Was My Sister...
I have never been in this world without a sister. Mine is ten years older than I, and I can say with some surety that we have never had a cross word with one another.  Two years ago last March, she was diagnosed with a brain tumor, the same sort that Edward Kennedy had.  She has been fighting it ever since.  Her husband of just one year at the time of her diagnosis has been a constant and tender caregiver.  Lately, the cancer has been stealing away small pieces of her, making it more and more difficult to communicate.  Yesterday, she fell while her husband was at work, and may have hit her head.  At any rate, she was admitted to the hospital, and today we met with Hospice.  There are no words strong enough, so I will let these images speak for me.  Click on the images to view them in a larger size. 

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robeth said...

Becky, my dear,

Well wishes are coming to you and your family during this very tough time with Cherryl's health. My prayers go out for all of you. God bless Cherryl and God bless you.

Your friend,

Bob (robeth)