Friday, March 30, 2012

Hello again, hello...
I had some trouble with Blogger last week and have been reluctant to make any new posts.  I wrote a really good post that just disappeared.  The glitch seems to be fixed so here goes.
I lead a fairly quiet life, and worry that I write too much here about weather and grandchildren and plants and flowers and knitting knitting knitting, so I took a few days off.  I was informed, however, that people worry about me when I don't blog often enough and I don't want to worry people so here's some miscellaneous stuff, beginning with some views from my back yard.
Clear, cold water in the little stream
Marsh marigolds, usually the earliest flower in the yard

The tulips and daffodils Robby and I planted two years ago are multiplying!
More marsh marigolds...because yellow really is the best color!

Pretty tulip in full bloom and the beginnings of the next variety

Bradford pear

New twigs showing the red color of spring

More pretty tulips

and now for the boring knitting stuff...non-knitters can feel free to skip this part. There is nothing to interest you here!
This little tool is the epitome of knitting awesomeness.  It was a Christmas gift from my husband.  Called "The Knit Kit," it is an airplane-friendly assemblage of nearly every tool a knitter might need, and it is just about the size of my hand.
^ On this side there is a spring-loaded tape measure, stitch/row counter, thread cutter and double-ended crochet hook.

On this side there is a little compartment that holds a tiny pair of folding scissors, needle point protectors, stitch markers and darning needles for sewing up the finished project.
It traveled with me to Europe and back in February. I SO wanted someone from the T.S.A. to question me about it, but no one even noticed it.

I had absolutely no trouble at all with my knitting on any of my flights to and from Europe. That's a very, very good thing, as I find it nearly impossible to sleep on an airplane and must have something to keep me busy while in flight.

and I close with this: 
I love this song. It breaks my heart a little, every single time I hear it.

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