Sunday, March 18, 2012

The small pond

 Pictures from my neighborhood
This early spring is amazing!  I barely feel as if I had a winter this year.  The silence of a snow-blanketed world has given way to the peeping of frogs and the songs of the various birds that summer here.  Today I have tulips and daffodils blooming, the forsythia bush is just beginning to turn bright yellow and the marsh marigolds are covered in yellow-green buds.  Robby came to spend a couple of hours with us, and we explored the marsh and stream.  He lay on the little bridge to look for fish and frogs, threw sticks in the stream, examined buds and flowers, and knelt on the banks to watch the waterbugs swim.  He was quite satisfactorily muddied by the time we finished!

 One of my high school friends stopped by last evening when he was out for a ride.  It was the first time he'd been to see our place, so we took him on a little walk.
Millrace runoff
There is an old water-powered mill on our neighbors' property.  The millpond is still there, as are the ruins of some of the old buildings, although the mill itself no longer operates.  My house was part of the mill complex when it was built in the 1840s.

The old brick power generating building

Two brothers own the property holding the millpond and most of the old buildings, and they have designated it as a wildlife preserve.  They open the millpond on Sundays for boating and fishing.
A millrace
There are interesting things to see around every corner.
Rick and Rich inspect the millstream

It's a good thing to rediscover and spend time with old friends. Rick, I'm glad that you stopped by! I hope you'll be a regular visitor here.

Finished Mystery Socks

Knitting, of course. I began this pair several years ago, decided that I was unhappy with the color, and abandoned them.  The ball band has been lost, so I don't know what yarn I used.  The pattern was of my own devising, just a basic 6x3 rib, with garter-stitch-edged EOP heel flap and French heel.   

Another pair is nearly ready for its heelflaps.  I sat in the sun for a bit yesterday and helps keep me relatively sane! :) 

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