Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Leftover Summer Silliness...
When we went to visit our friends in Eastern Ohio in July, as we have for the past ten years or so, there was a mystery of sorts...I was standing in Peggy's kitchen when her little granddaughter, who we all call 'Bean' looked with some alarm at my feet.
"You only have four toes!" she said.
I looked down to see this:
Four toes
"No, Bean," I explained, "that's just the way it looks because of my sandals, see?" and I stepped out of the shoes to show her this:

Five toes

And I slipped my sandals back on.
Still four toes
She wasn't convinced.  "Do it again!", she said, and I did:

Still five toes
This action was repeated several times until she grew bored and walked away, shaking her little head.
Apparently, it bothers her quite a bit because I was required to do the same exercise LAST year when we were there.

I do, indeed, have five toes on each foot, as evidenced by my dusty footprints made during the installation of the new hardwood floors in July and August:
Really...five toes on each foot!
In addition, I now have beautiful floors in the entire downstairs of the house:
New floor
and they are finished, except for one little corner beneath the stairs, where the Tool Fridge sits.

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the blonde gardener said...

Those floors look really good, Becky!