Thursday, October 04, 2012

Some Knitting
There has been constant order to protect my sanity!

At the Tennessee Lunch Run this past April, I gave away three door prizes of hand-knit items, and was happy when all three were won by people that I know, and one of them even chose to receive a pair of my socks over another prize of a motorcycle part!

These went to Bob VanNess in North Carolina

These went to Crabbywinger Bob in Michigan

Both have received their socks and seem happy with them.  The third 'winner' elected to have me knit him a hat, and I'm still waiting to hear what color he wants.

 This yarn:

 is from the Big Bag O'Sock Yarn that I acquired on my visit to Tutto in Hechingen, Germany.  I untangled it to get this:

From which I knit these socks for Rich:

I have enough left for at least two more pair of socks, and have started a pair for myself.  Rich's were made from the little balls of yarn, but mine will be knit from the two long, unbroken balls of yarn so the stripes will match, just because I want to see how the stripes are supposed to come out.

Likewise, these balls of yarn: 
came from this tangle, also from the Big Bag O'Sock Yarn

 and were turned into these socks, which I've already shown you, but they're pretty enough to show again, I think. : )

I gave enough of this Flamingo-ish yarn to one of my regular customers who is a sock-knitter, and still have plenty left for at least another pair.

On the needles are another pair from a HUGE tangle in the bag.  Pics to come later.


Delena said...

Your socks are beautiful. I am a crocheter but just a beginner knitter. I envey those who can knit. Found your blog and glad I did.

Becky said...

Hello Delena, and thank you! I can crochet but I am really bad at it...I always say it makes me swear and kick the dog. :) I envy you your skills at crocheting. If I can help you at all with your knitting, please let me know, and I'm glad you found my blog!