Tuesday, July 09, 2013

A Taste of Blackberries...
is the title of a beautiful, heart-rending story for kids. The perimeter of the yard at our house is filled with wild black raspberry bushes. The brambles are vicious and they often leave me scratched and bloody when I mow, but the berries are so sweet and juicy and flavorful that I always watch with great anticipation for the first ripe fruit of the summer. My oldest grandson is a very good berry-picker, and he always enjoys helping me harvest and eat them.
Last summer's extreme heat and drought meant that there were few berries, and those that survived were small and seedy.  This year, however, we have had plentiful rain at just the right times, and the bushes are heavy with fruit.
Yesterday evening after work, I went out and picked berries. It started to rain as I worked, but the overhanging trees kept me nearly dry.  I left many raspberries behind for the birds and deer, but harvested enough to make a splendid batch of jam!

There was rain again today, heavy rain with lightning and thunder.  At its highest, the little stream was even with the top of the bridge, but it had subsided a bit by the time I got home.
The waterfall at the far end of the yard sang as the stream spilled over the stones.

Come sit with me on this summer porch
and watch the rain...

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