Wednesday, July 03, 2013

More stitches...

 I forgot this pair yesterday...
Secret Fan pattern designed by Adrienne Fong, round 1 of Tour de Sock.  The yarn is a bamboo/wool blend and was not fun to work with, as it was very splitty.

This is the very lovely beginning of the round 4 socks.  Beautiful hand-dyed yarn, Denali sock from Pagewood Farms, beautiful beads from Earthfaire, pattern name is "Walking Through the Maze Gardens."


When I told of my international visitors in yesterday's post, I forgot to mention the family from Northern Ireland who graced my shop with their presence on Monday.  Mom and Dad, and three glorious children ages 14, 12, and 9.
The children stood near the counter and talked with Judy and me for quite a while. They told me that there is nothing at all to do in Ireland, because it rains all of the time, except for one or two days every year...
when, of course, they are in school!
: D
They told me that their favorite thing about America so far was root beer floats, and they are drinking as many of them as possible while they are here, as they cannot get them in Ireland.
Root beer floats are among my favorite things, too.
Smart kids!

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