Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Some Knitting...

Sometimes I can share things that I'm thinking about, and sometimes I can't. :) For this post, I'll just show what I've been knitting.

Sock Madness: Greenhouse Socks, knit with yarn that I won in a drawing in one of my Ravelry groups for finishing the Dutch Fish socks:

Lebowski Socks for Tour de Sock Stage 3:

Yarn and beads for Tour de Sock round 4:

Haley's Roses socks for Michelle:

 A Christmas stocking for my friend's mantel, knit from a Civil-War-era pattern:

Socks for Ms. Nina's granddaughter:

Another wonderful prize package from one of my Ravelry groups. My orange Dutch Fish socks have been very lucky for me!

Not knitting, but a wonderfully stormy sky that I saw on my drive home one evening:

In my little store in a little Amish town, I have had in the last week, visitors from Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden, Israel, England, and New Zealand. 
It just amazes me.
I read this quotation on a sign the other day:
If women ran the world, there would be no wars...
just a lot of jealous countries not speaking to one another!

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